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Podcast focusing on using technology to be better at running your small business, or at being inside a larger business. Half of the episodes will feature interviews and the rest will be reviews.

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 44 - I HATE Printing

June 21, 2017

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 43 - Facebook Groups

Hosted by : Marv Dorner, owner of BeBizzy Consulting

One of the best things about owning my own business(es) is I get to make all the decisions regarding business processes and what I want and don't want to do. 

Well, almost all the decisions. Sometimes I still need to fire up the printer... like this morning, only to find that I'm out of paper. You see, I print so infrequently that it's IMPOSSIBLE to know when I'm on the edge of running out of paper. 

But the bright side of this inconvenience is that I got the immediate therapy of complaining about it on my podcasts, and using it as an opportunity to give some tips on making your office paperless.


What you need to print

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Meeting agendas


Why digital intead of print?

  • Offsite backups - fire, water, carelessness, etc can ruin your print documents. Digital files can be secured and backed up in several locations in case there's a problem
  • Accessable by multiple apps, computers and other devices.
  • You can also share, or limit access to certain files and directories
  • Searchable - Ever tried searching for a term or keyword in piles of paper? WAY easier in digital form.



But how can you avoid the general day to day paper mess?

  • First, determine a method of storing PDFs, scanned images/receipts, or other documents
  • Next, determine a backup/security policy
    • Regular backups
    • Encrypted?
    • Versioning?
  • Use a service to store reciepts
    • Shoeboxed
    • Freshbooks
    • Wave Accounting
  • Track Mileage and Expenses
    • Milebug
    • Mile IQ
    • Quickbooks
  • Place for notes
    • Evernote
    • OneNote
      • If you have a tablet or other device that enables handwriting, you can even write your notes instead of type them if that's a forbidden act in meetings.
  • Task Management or Project Management software
    • Scribblepost
    • BaseCamp
  • How can you avoid printing going forward
    • Print to PDF
    • Don't print emails, Flag them for followup, or organize them in your folders by client or project
    • Electronic maps are sometimes incorrect, but if you think they are bad, try PRINTED maps! They are usually outdated the second they are printed.
    • You can fax using services like HelloFax or E-Fax for much cheaper than a phone line and a paper/ink-fed fax machine.
    • Don't Print web pages. Apps and sites like Pocket can save, categorize and share pages to be easily found later on all devices.
    • When you get an invoice, bill or other paper document… scan it, save it and forget it instead of print it, file it, and dig it out later.


What should I do with the old paper?

  • Besides a bonfire?
  • Shoeboxed offers a service that will scan, organize and categorize receipts
  • Many companies offer scanning services to scan and organize other documents


Expense savings

  • No printing costs (paper, multiple printers, toner or ink)
  • No storage costs with additional file cabinets, or even file rooms
  • Increased efficiency in retrieving files and not walking/waiting by the printer for files to print.