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Podcast focusing on using technology to be better at running your small business, or at being inside a larger business. Half of the episodes will feature interviews and the rest will be reviews.

May 17, 2017

BeBizzy Break : Episode 40 - Polarr

April 26, 2017

BeBizzy Break - Episode 39 - GSuite & Mailbird

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 39 - GSuite & Mailbird

Hosted by : Marv Dorner, owner of BeBizzy Consulting

Ever get the feeling that someone's watching you?

That happened to me this week, as I started to look for a replacement for my Outlook replacement, Mailbird. The problem was that although I had hundreds of contacts saved in my various GSuite email accounts, there was no way to easily sync to or from GSuite. On many occassions I was either grabbing email addresses from my phone or having to log into the web interface to gather the email addresses so I could send.

Just this morning, I recevied an email from Mailbird claiming they had a new Contact Manager ready to roll out, all I had to do was update Mailbird, click a few things and BOOM!, contacts. The scariest part was that it worked EXACTLY like it was supposed to work, and now I don't have to look for a new email system. Way to go, Mailbird! Check them out if you're a GSuite or Gmail email user.

And if your NOT a GSuite user... here's why you should be.

GSuite is a powerful email, calendar, document sharing, task & project management solution. Some other benefits are:

  • Uses Google secure and "always-on" hosting solution. I have had very minimal outages in many years of use.
  • The system is available from anywhere, so as long as you can get to a computer, tablet or phone and remember your login info, you can see you mail, calendar and documents. 
  • Easy to share documents within the GSuite environment, so anyone with your domain email can easily receive, share or collaborate on documents.
  • You can still use Outlook. While I recommend getting outside the Office forcefield with apps like Mailbirdold reliable still works with GSuite.
  • 2-Step Verification security to protect your email.
  • 3rd party apps like CRMs, project management suites, mind mapping tools, and much more can be easily made available across the network. 
  • Excellent support
  • Relatively cheap at $5 per email address per month.

Check out if GSuite is a good fit for you and your business by going to https://gsuite.google.com 

Don’t forget to send us any suggestions for apps to review or people to interview. And subscribe to the BeBizzy Break Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

And as always, leave the technical stuff to us!


April 19, 2017

BeBizzy Break - Episode 38 - Why Hire A Copywriter?

Happy Easter, and thank you for all the birthday wishes, everyone!

There was a huge Windows exploit identified last week, and Microsoft has published a patch for Windows 7, 8 and 10, but not for Vista or XP since they have recently stopped support for those operating systems. Run your updates, kids!


Also, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming out on Friday and is rumored to be THE smartphone in regards to performance and features. If you're in the new market for a new device, check it out!


Why Hire A Copywriter?


Copywriters are one of those skillsets that we all need, but we rarely think about until it's too late. On today's BeBizzy Break Podcast I talk about why you would want to hire a copywriter for your websites, press releases, or other marketing pieces. These can include : 

  • You don't have time to write your website or marketing content
  • You're too close to your business to write for possible clients
  • Website content is not something you've written before
  • Keeping a consistant "voice" in your content
  • SEO copywriting is a very specific skillset
  • Your content is probably NOT using a copywriter
  • Engage with your call-to-action

Copywriters can be a game changing additioin to your marketing team. Contact BeBizzy Consulting if you need to find someone to help you with your marketing voice.





April 12, 2017

BeBizzy Break - Episode 37 - Wave Accounting

Happy Tax Week, everybody!

Episode 37 - Wave Accounting

This week I am happy to be joined by Rob Maurin from Wave to discuss this awesome, FREE, accounting and invoicing software.

We discuss some of the many features of this powerful business tool that will help you with your :

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Payroll
  • Mobile Invoicing
  • And much, much more.

I've been a user for several years and couldn't be happier with the ease and completion of the system. 

Check out the interview with Rob, then head over to http://waveapps.com and take Wave apps our for a drive.


April 5, 2017

BeBizzy Break - Episode 36 - Golfing - Good for Business?


Golf is a fun activity participated in by many in the business community. Should you be one of them?

Golfing - Good for Business?

There are many reasons why whacking a little white ball around a park can help you and your staff land new clients, get better at what you do, and just create a great environment for you to conduct informal business.

Some other benefits as posted for the MGT Open are :

  • It's a 5-hour meeting. Good luck landing that with a client or even with your staff.
  • Golf reveals the true character of both your potential clients, and yourself (so be careful).
  • Business Golf is ideal for developing exclusive business leads, thanking clients and staff, brainstorming and team-building.

And more! Check out the link to the PDF.

And don't worry if you're a poor golfer, the game can actualy help if you're not just a little better than the person you're meeting with. And there are games like a scramble, best ball, or others that can help golfers with a higher handicap be on a more level playing field. And, getting better as the summer progresses is a great way to demonstrate that you can/do get better with repetition. 

Now keep in mind that many don't golf, especially in the millenial age group. So if the target demographic spends more time just sitting around drinking a few craft beers or at a coffee shop, that may be more productive for you. Golf works, but both parties have to be willing and able to play. Remember, golf is NOT a cheap outing. By the time you buy/rent clubs, pay greens fees and cart rentals, and throw in some food and drink, it can be an expensive, but fun day.

So tee it up, network with your friends, and enjoy a day out in the sun talking about your business. You never know what might happen.



March 29, 2017

BeBizzy Break - Episode 35 - Happy World Backup Day!

Happy World Backup Day, everyone! Well, maybe a couple days early, but we like to celebrate data backups all the time around here.


EP 35 - Happy World Backup Day!

Before we get too far, I'd like to wish a Happy 23rd Birthday to my daughter! We'll see you this weekend and celebrate the best way you know how, by going to a hocke game!

Now, on to other important matters.

  • March 31 is World Backup Day. Back. Your. Data. Up. That is all...

    • I lied, that is NOT all. Your data is your business! Throw on top of that all your photos, your music, personal financial documents and more, and there are few things in life that would make things as difficult as recovering from a data failure.
    • At the VERY least, back up your data to an external hard drive or to another computer.
    • Personal Cloud storage devices are relatively cheap and easy to add to a home or office network.
    • Data companies like Dropbox and Carbonite have built a business out of managing backups for you. Check them out!
  • A group calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family has claimed to have stolen passwords to 530 Million Apple iCloud passwords. Time to change your passwords, kids!
    • If your Apple password has been stolen the thief can get access to your data, and even reset your phone.
  • FedEx is offering $5 for you to turn on Flash in your browsers.
    • Why should you NOT do that? Flash was proven to be an insecure browser extension years ago, so none of the modern browsers have it turned on by default. 
    • FedEx needs to find a way to join the rest of us in 2017 and build a website that does not use this ancient, security-holed software.

Have a good rest of your week, everyone! 

Don’t forget to send us any suggestions for apps to review or people to interview. And subscribe to the BeBizzy Break Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

And as always, leave the technical stuff to us!

March 21, 2017

BeBizzy Break : Episode 33 - Charity In Business

In episode 33 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast we chat a bit about the benefits of engaging in charitable endeavors in our community or just as a business.

Some of the benefits include : 

  • Make your community a better place to live
  • Respect from others for donating time
  • Networking connections with others that are donating time and energy to causes


March 13, 2017

BeBizzy Break : Episode 32 - Rich Brooks and Why We Use Contact Forms

One thing we've been told for years is that you need an email address in order to do business. I agree with that statement, but in regards to where that email address is used, I'm not in favor of listing email addresses on a website.

Email Address or Contact Forms?

I am, however, a huge fan of forms, and this week's BeBizzy Break Podcast features an interview with Rich Brooks from the Agents of Change Podcast on that very subject.

What are the benefits of using a form?

  • Not divulging email addresses to potential spammers
  • Guiding possible leads by asking questions in the form.
  • Inputting form information into a CRM.
  • Pushing the form to multiple recipients, or to a specific person where applicable. 

A few more things about Rich Brooks.

First, tickets for the annual Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference are now on sale. The conference takes place in Portland, Maine, but it's also streamed online and available via on demand video. Jay Baer is the keynote and more great speakers will be announced soon. The event is on 9/15/2017 and people can learn more at http://www.theagentsofchange.com
Second, he has a book called The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing that's available now. Your audience can download a free chapter at http://www.theagentsofchange.com/marv
Enjoy the interview, bad voice and technical issues aside, and don’t forget to send us any suggestions for apps to review or people to interview. And subscribe to the BeBizzy Break Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

And as always, leave the technical stuff to us!

March 1, 2017

BeBizzy Break : Episode 31 - Case of the Googles

Marv DornerHost : Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting

We're talking about Google Keep, Google Docs, and Google Chromebooks today on the BeBizzy Break.

But first, we're proud to annouce the launch of our newest website, Path To Pono. Contact Sandy Thompson with questions about recruiting great employees, developing leadership in your organization, and helping your family with substance abuse.

Now, on the Googles.

  • Google has finally brought Google Keep into the GSuite environement in the web version (desktop and browser)

    • Easily import Keep notes into Google Docs
    • Google Keep is the notetaking app available on all devices (Android, iOS and in your browser) that takes audio, handwriting, images and itemized lists. You can also color code, and tag notes for ease in search and identification.
  • Samsung Chromebook Pro - my next tech purchase (when it gets released)
    • Chromebooks allow you to live in the Google environement for documents, the Chrome browser, photos and more. And now there's a reasonably priced great device called "Kevin" that even allows users to run Android apps on their Chromebook.
    • The device is convertable to a tablet, and even has a Samsung S-Pen for taking notes and other visual needs.
    • The Chromebook Plus is available for $449, with the Chromebook Pro being released in "Spring 2017" for around $500.

Have a great week, everyone. Spring is slowly on the way!

Don’t forget to send us any suggestions for apps to review or people to interview. And subscribe to the BeBizzy Break Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio

And as always, leave the technical stuff to us!

February 23, 2017

BeBizzy Break : Episode 30 - Niche Websites

Host : Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting

Today on the BeBizzy Break Podcast we talk about why you would want to have a landing page or niche website for your product or services instead of just putting them as an additional page on your current website.

Some of the things to consider are : 

  • Really sit down and brainstorm if your product is a niche, or a broader product.
  • What keywords should you be targeting with your website and marketing
  • Find an appropriate domain name, and this doesn't always have to be your main corporate name, it can be specialized or customized to make it more noticeable.
  • Same goes with your logo, if you can customize your current logo to handle this specialized part of your business, do so. Or create a new one. Or just use your main logo.
  • Develop your strategies for marketing using both traditional and digital marketing. Does the imagery and content match the domain name? Is it attracting the proper demographic? Is it targeted?
  • Think about if this is a long term or short run.

If you have more questions about niche websites, landing pages, or a full website, I would be happy to sit down and discuss with you! Contact BeBizzy Consulting at 701.214.6271, on Twitter @BeBizzy, or our website, BeBizzy.com.