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Podcast focusing on using technology to be better at running your small business, or at being inside a larger business. Half of the episodes will feature interviews and the rest will be reviews.

October 10, 2019

Time To Check If You Own Your Digital Real Estate

Host : Marv Dorner

Topic : Owning Your Own Digital Name

Show notes available at : https://bebizzy.com/time-to-check-if-you-own-your-digital-real-estate/ 

September 30, 2019

Elegant Theme’s DIVI WordPress Theme - with Keegan Lanier

Host : Marv Dorner

Guest : Keegan Lanier of Keegan Lanier Media

Show Notes : https://bebizzy.com/elegant-themes-divi-wordpress-theme-with-keegan-lanier/

September 20, 2019

Squirrly - WordPress SEO Plugin

Host : Marv Dorner (@bebizzy)

Guest : Florin Muresan (@florin_muresan)

Show notes available at https://bebizzy.com/squirrly-seo-wordpress-plugin/ 

August 15, 2019

Comments or No Comments on WordPress?

Host : Marv Dorner of BeBizzy Consulting

Topic : ShouId I allow comments on my WordPress website?

Show notes : https://bebizzy.com/comments-or-no-comments-on-wordpress/

August 12, 2019

Additional Uses for Forms On Your Website

Host : Marv Dorner - BeBizzy Consulting

Topic : Uses for forms on your website besides a basic contact form

Show Notes : https://bebizzy.com/additional-uses-for-forms-on-your-website/

July 26, 2019

Basic Technology Troubleshooting Steps

Host : Marv Dorner

Topic : Troubleshooting steps and technology preparedness

Show notes available here : https://bebizzy.com/basic-technology-troubleshooting-steps/ 

July 16, 2019

Using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For Better Security

Host : Marv Dorner

Topic : 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

Show Notes Available at : https://bebizzy.com/using-two-factor-authentication-2fa-for-better-security/

July 12, 2019

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Host : Marv Dorner

Topic : Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Show notes availalbe at : https://bebizzy.com/best-wordpress-seo-plugins/

July 8, 2019

Using UTM Tracking in Your Digital Strategy

Host : Marv Dorner of BeBizzy Consulting

Topic : Using UTM Codes in your Marketing Strategy

Show notes available here : https://bebizzy.com/using-utm-tracking-in-your-digital-strategy/

June 19, 2019

Increase Site Speed By Decreasing Image File Size - #WPWednesday

On our first #WPWednesday episode of the BeBizzy Break Podcast we discuss ways to increase your site speed by decreasing the image file sizes. 

Host : Marv Dorner

Topic : Changing resolution, file types, compression and other image factors to make a WordPress site load faster.

Show notes : Available at https://bebizzy.com/increase-site-speed-by-decreasing-image-file-size/