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Podcast focusing on using technology to be better at running your small business, or at being inside a larger business. Half of the episodes will feature interviews and the rest will be reviews.

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 42 - The Samsung Chromebook Pro

June 7, 2017

BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 41 - Flash! Ah ahhhhhh!

Hosted by : Marv Dorner, owner of BeBizzy Consulting

FINALLY! I've been waiting for the Chromebook Pro from Samsung for several months and it arrived late Monday afternoon. I spent the time between then and now putting it through it's paces and have determined it's everything I've envisioned... almost.

I've posted a review of the device here : https://www.bebizzy.com/samsung-chromebook-pro-review/

I loved the size, weight, screen and function of the site. Not happy with Chromebook's inability to see/use the inserted SD card with Android Apps. 

Have you bought the Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus? What are your thoughts?

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